Markee * jack untawega·& bumbum kunst - sodom & gomorrah ep - Markee * Jack Untawega·&

Jack Untawega ist einer der Künstlernamen des österreichischen Rappers Markus Höflinger. Er ist auch als Kroko Jack und Markee tätig.

Austrian Flavors
As of 1990 the Austrian Ö3 Musicbox broadcasted a weekly hip hop radio radio show called “Tribe Vibes & Dope Beats”, hosted by Katharina Weingartner, DJ DSL and later Werner Geier aka Demon Flowers. In 1992 the program hosts organized a competition to find the greatest rap and scratch talents in Austria. After a surprising number of good entries from all corners of the country, the winners were invited to record tracks for the compilation “Austrian Flavors ”. During the recordings, the later known Aphrodelics met each other for the first time and Total Chaos, DJ Cutex and DJ Megablast incidentally also completed their first steps on vinyl over instrumentals by Peter Kruder, Rodney Hunter and Werner Geier.

Markee * Jack Untawega·& BumBum Kunst - Sodom & Gomorrah EP