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Nicole Mitchell & Haki R. Madhubuti
Liberation Narratives
(Third World Press, 2017)
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Andreas Møllerhøj : double bass // Lukas Rande : saxophones // Morten Ærø : drums // Nicolai Kornerup : accordion// Bo Rande : flügelhorn // Emil Goldschmidt : clarinet

Shir Madness is a one day festival of around 30 acts playing multiple & concurrent stages. One ticket for all acts all day.

As the traces of Jewish music in post-war Eastern Europe are faint, the Gypsy bands that still play for weddings and other celebrations in Romania and Ukraine are about as close to the traditional klezmorim as you can get. 

Like other professional musicians, klezmorim were often limited by authorities. In Ukraine they were banned from playing loud instruments, until the 19th century. Hence musicians took up the violin , tsimbl (or cymbalom ), and other stringed instruments. The first musician to play klezmer in European concerts, Josef Gusikov , played a type of xylophone which he invented and called a "wood and straw instrument". It was laid out like a cymbalom, and attracted comments from Felix Mendelssohn (highly favourable) and Liszt (condemnatory). Later, around 1855 under the reign of Alexander II of Russia , Ukraine permitted loud instruments. The clarinet started to replace the violin as the instrument of choice. Also, a shift towards brass and percussion happened when klezmorim were conscripted into military bands.

A legendary institution located in the heart of Boston, the New England Conservatory can claim as alumni many of the most impressive names working in the classical and contemporary music industry today, including jazz pianist Cecil Taylor, clarinetist Don Byron, violist Roberto Diaz, percussionist Vic Firth, soprano Phyllis Curtin, just to name a few.

John Zorn appears on over 400 recordings as a composer or performer. This is a selection of recordings released under his name, bands he was/is part of, collaborations with other musicians, and significant albums to which he has contributed. The year indicates when the album was first released and any subsequent years if the following release included additional material.

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David Krakauer - Klezmer Madness!David Krakauer - Klezmer Madness!David Krakauer - Klezmer Madness!David Krakauer - Klezmer Madness!