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Mankey considered Love You to be "lighthearted" on the surface, but a "serious, autobiographical" work that could be compared somewhat to Eraserhead . [11] Writer Chris Shields observed: "If it wasn't for the synthesizer-heavy production, it's almost punk . Simple messages, conveyed in a straight-forward fashion. Even the beautiful moments are grounded in basic living... The vocals are gruff. Synthesizers are everywhere. The lyrics can be immature or come from a youthful perspective." [29] Beach Boys engineer Alan Boyd said of Wilson's methods: "[In] a lot of the material from Love You , Brian was working very quickly on his own... Brian did this very interesting thing and it goes back to his early days too, for rhythm he’d often use guitars and piano to fulfill the same rhythm function as a high-hat. He’d always have these eighth notes but there’d be these chord clusters. I think he liked the tack piano because it had that sort of percussive click on it and it sort of fulfills the same function as a high-hat except with all these notes so it makes everything sort of swirl." [30]

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Beginners' Lessons:   A Gift To Be Simple (Appalachian Spring)    All The Pretty Little Horses (Lullaby)   Chopsticks   America (My Country 'Tis Of Thee) - Single-Note Bass   Cradle Song (Brahms' Lullaby)   Frere Jacques    Happy Birthday (Traditional)   Heart and Soul (Hoagy Carmichael)   Jesus Loves Me (Single-Bass Note)   Lightly Row (Key of C)   Lightly Row (Key of F)   Long, Long Ago   Rock-A-Bye Baby (Lullaby)   Sakura (Traditional Japanese Celebration)   Taps (Military Farewell)   This Little Light of Mine (Sunday School Song)   Thizzle Dance    Twinkle Twinkle

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Cruisin' United Artists - Cruisin' TogetherCruisin' United Artists - Cruisin' TogetherCruisin' United Artists - Cruisin' TogetherCruisin' United Artists - Cruisin' Together